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Vertex Standard EVX-531 El Telsizi

Evolve to better communication and value

  • Coverage and Connection Monitoring with ARTS II™ 
  • Intrinsically Safe Option
  • 3 programmable keys

Now you can achieve improved and expanded communications capabilities with the advancements of digital technology that overcome traditional analogue performance challenges combined with a new set of features enabling users to do more – better. The EVX-531 digital radio is compact and precision-engineered to deliver value without sacrificing quality — giving you more capabilities and the flexibility you need to communicate at your best.

The main features of EVX-531 digital portable radios

The EVX-531 operates in both analogue and digital modes and can be used with any existing analogue two-way radios. It offers a better audio quality featuring the AMBE+2™ vocoder for enhanced voice quality and a better privacy. eVerge™ digital radio operates using the TDMA protocol for spectrum and power efficiency and lower total equipment cost compared to FDMA. Using eVerge™ radio in digital mode can operate up to 40% longer than typical analogue mode as a result of the TDMA protocol and reduces overall battery consumption in transmit mode.

And, with Vertex Standard’s exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS II), you will always know when you are in or out of range with another ARTS II-equipped radio. 

The EVX-531 radio is designed for future feature expansion and supporting third-party option board development, therefore enabling additional features as location tracking with GPS, telemetry, etc. 

Frequency ranges:

  • VHF: 136 – 174 MHz
  • UHF: 403 – 470 MHz, 450 – 512 MHz

Additional features:

  • 3 programmable keys
  • Programmable tri-color LED custom call alert
  • Voice compander
  • Internal VOX
  • RSSI Indicator
  • Voice inversion encryption
  • Lone worker alert
  • Emergency alert
  • Key lock
  • Voice channel announce
  • Priority scan
  • Dual Watch scan
  • Follow-me scan
  • Nuisance channel delete
  • Radio-to-radio cloning

Analogue mode features:

  • Whisper mode
  • CTCSS/DCS encode/decode
  • MDC-1200® encode/decode
  • 2-Tone encode/decode
  • 5-Tone encode/decode
  • DTMF Telephone Interconnect/ANI

Digital mode features:

  • Basic privacy
  • Text messaging
  • All call, Group call, Individual call
  • Escalert
  • Remote monitor
  • PTT ID encode
  • Mixed mode scan

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