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Vertex Standard VXR9000 Röle Cihazı

Rack-Mount Base Station/Repeater
  • 6 Dual-Function Programmable Keys
  • Provides Flexible, Automatic Command Sequence Configuration
  • Capable of Performing in Base Station or Repeater Mode  
The Vertex VXR-9000 delivers the reliability, performance and extended range users demand with easy installation and integration to save time, all at an affordable cost. With its large channel capacity and priority scan capabilities, VXR-9000 provides for efficient communications monitoring.
Designed for both high reliability and flexibility the VXR-9000 features an automatic command sequence, which allows for it to be programmed to perform a 5 step sequence of commands for certain operating events, such DC power failure and switch to low power status while sending a CW ID advising of the situation.
Frequency Ranges:
√ VHF: 134–160/146–174MHz
√ UHF: 403–430/440–470MHz
Features Include:
√ Up to 32 Channels
√ 6 Dual-Function Programmable Keys
√ Power Levels: 5/10/25 Watt
√ 47 CTCSS Tones/108 DCS Codes
√ Multi-tone Decode
√ Continuous Duty Cycle Operation up to 12.5 Watt Tx Power
√ External DC Power Revert Operation
√ Selectable Encryption Options
√ Two-tone Set-up Commands
√ Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan
√ Four-wire Line Interface Unit (optional)
Available in :
    → Conventional: Local
    → Trunking: SmarTrunk, MPT1327
Vertex's VXR–9000 32 Channel Rack Mount Repeater is ideal for use in Commercial, Industrial, Transport and Telecom Services markets. When higher priced models are simply not in the budget,consider Vertex Standard and the versatility, functionality and reliability this product line offers.


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